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The idea of AWADH was conceived by a group of friends sipping cocktails in a resort pool while craving for piping hot kebabs and biryani, to accompany their drinks. The holiday high germinated the thought but it is the pure delight and sumptuousness of Awadhi food that fuelled their strong desire to bring the flavours of Lucknow to Singapore.

Awadhi cuisine is native to the city of Lucknow and was once known to fill the royal kitchens of the Awadh Nawaabs. The cuisine reflects the city’s rich history and is a result of a blend of cultures including that of the Persians, the Moghuls and the natives of the Indo-Gangetic plain.

Awadhi Cuisine is known for its royal taste, aroma and delectable flavours and is a craft perfected by chefs over generations.