Elements Wellness
Elements Wellness
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The Centrepoint #02-28
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11am to 8.30pm

Elements Wellness - the signature Orchard Road Spa

Welcome to a world of luxury and wellness where all your senses harmonize in total tranquility. We created a haven for your total relaxation, with the aim to provide mind and body wellness that is totally enjoyable. Let us help you take a much-deserved break today.

At Elements Wellness, traditional wisdom and advanced technology are incorporated into pampering, rejuvenating and restorative treatments. We indulge guests in a host of renewing therapies, including personalized body massages, treatment massages, transformative spa rituals, rehydrating and age control facials and body silhouette treatments.

A key highlight at Elements Wellness is the Hinoki Onsen Bath. Nestled in a private room, you can experience the time honored Japanese bath ritual in a handcrafted Hinoki wood tub energized with ion water, which gives the same mineral benefits of a hot spring. Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress) is highly prized by emperors for its beauty and therapeutic character. The fresh fragrance of Hinoki wood and swirling sound of energized water is a heavenly combination that will send you into a state of utter relaxation.